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  • 31 December 2020
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I now offer my customers to pick a time and get the package in my own store. But I don't see an option for them to choose the time they wanted. Is there a date / time picker feature that I don't know?

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We don't have a special feature where visitors have to choose a delivery date and time at checkout. However, with some work-arounds you can find out at what time or date your customers want the order delivered.

Remarks field checkout:
This field is not a mandatory field, but you can ask if your visitors can indicate when they want delivery. At Standard texts / Order process: Customer data in the management environment, you can change the text 'any comments'.
In addition, you can adjust the explanation in the checkout and / or shopping cart to make your customers extra aware of making use of this comments field.

Using option list:
Make a option list with, for example, all days of the week (or only on the days you deliver) and one with all possible delivery time blocks.
You then link these selection lists to all products. Customers then have to select from these drop-down lists before they can place the product in the shopping cart.
You can read exactly how to make selection lists here: https://www.mijnwebwinkel.nl/gidsen/aan-de-slag-met-mijnwebwinkel/keuzelidsen-artikelvarianten-en-specifications

To create separate shipping options:
You can offer different shipping methods via the rate table.
For example, you could add the country 'The Netherlands' to Country Management several times, but with a different name. For this country you can then set a shipping rate for the costs per weight.
For example:

Add the country 'Netherlands'.
Give it the display name 'Monday between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m.'
Enter the rates in the rate table.

You repeat this for each shipping method / date and time that you want to add.

Via Sources:
You can also ask your customers for extra information in the checkout via Sources in the management environment.
Add a new source and name it for example 'Monday between 9am and 10am' And a 2nd source could be 'Tuesday between 9am and 10am'
All options then appear in 1 dropdown menu. The text 'how did you find us', which is standard here, can be changed under Standard texts / order process: Customer data to, for example, 'when do you want it delivered'. Unfortunately, we cannot mark this option as mandatory.

Unfortunately, these are all solutions that may not be 100% in line with your wishes, but to find out when an order must be delivered, you would still get the desired information via the above methods.